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We place your goods and services through RTB-technology on hundreds of resources. Eventually, Your product appears on many sites.



We through our technological tools (CPB-model) we accept orders and payment and we send them to you for a minus of compensation under the agency agreement. You pay only for the order!


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RTB technology

RTB (Real Time Bidding) - the technology of purchasing display advertising through programmable online auctions. The RTB focuses directly on the shows to target visitors, rather than planning the reserves of advertising space on certain sites. Each show is redeemed in fractions of a second - during the page load - the RTB system conducts an auction instantly. As a result, the best offer from advertisers appears before the eyes of the user who is most interested in it.

RTB technology

RTB advertising makes communication between the brand and the buyer more pleasant for both parties

RTB systems identify users through the cookie , pixel tspang , mobile platform ID , a browser or an account on a social network. Target users are those who strictly comply with the requirements of the advertiser. It is to these users that the RTB platform performs impressions.

Users see really suitable advertising, and advertisers get previously unreachable performance indicators. Personal data of users is safe: all RTB-platforms target based on the anonymous profiles provided by DMP.

Advertiser preliminarily enters in his Trading Desk his requirements for the CA (socio-demographic indicators, behavioral criteria) and sets budget and cost limits for displaying or clicking. During the campaign, Trading Desk uses the corresponding RTB block - DMP, SSP , Ad Networks , Ad Exchanges , - carrying out many bets before each show.

Further the system works as follows

  1. The user entered the name of the site connected to the browser string to the advertising RTB network.
  2. The site before sending the page sends the network to which it connected, request to display the banner, as well as user data (not the full name and address of residence, but the data available for targeting).
  3. The ad network sends user data to the SSP.
  4. SSP classifies the query by the maximum number of parameters: the platform on which the user entered, the user data, time of approach, data on retargeting.
  6. SSP bargains - information about the site and user systems advertisers. If desired, SSP purchases additional data about the user at DMP.
  1. Trading Desk, using DSP, transfers information about the SSP rate.
  2. The SSP processes information from all advertisers who made the bid.
  3. Selects the highest.
  4. Reduces it to the second price and displays the price, exceeding the second highest bid by 1 cent.
  5. Receives an announcement from the winner and passes it to the user's browser in response to an ad request.
  6. The page with the received ad is loading.
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