1. Definitions
1.1. “Rights Holder” means Bestseller Group USA LLC, the legal entity that maintains this agreement on the Website.
1.2. “User” means a legally competent natural person who has online access to the Website and who has entered into this agreement by accepting it on the terms contained in the agreement.
1.3. “Agreement” means this end-user license agreement available online at : http://bestseller.promo/user-agreement/.
1.4. “Acceptance” means the User’s full and unconditional acceptance of this agreement as described in section 4.1.
1.5. “Content” means any information in textual, graphic, or audiovisual (video) form contained in the Website and created by the Rights Holder to facilitate the operation of the Website, including its interface.
1.6. “Nonexclusive License” means the User’s nonexclusive right to use the intellectual property under section 3.1. with the Rights Holder remaining free to allow any number of other Users to also use the same intellectual property.

2.2. General Provisions
2.1. This agreement sets out the terms of using the Content and services contained in the website at http://bestseller.promo/ (the “Website”).
2.2. This agreement is a written contract of adhesion within the meaning of the Civil Code of United States of America, and it will become effective when the User accepts it as set out in this agreement.
2.3. The Website presents Content on behalf of Bestseller Group USA LLC ( Bestseller Group USA LLC 400 NW 1st Ave., #2502 City, State, Zip: Miami FL 33128, USA Corporate or LLC EIN Number: 35-2773986 ).
2.4. The Rights Holder may at any time change, supplement, or delete any of the provi-sions of this agreement without notice.
2.5. By continuing to use the Website after the Rights Holder makes any of the changes listed in section 2.4, the User accepts this agreement as amended.
2.6. The User shall periodically check this agreement for any changes.
2.7. United States of America law governs the use of the Website’s Content and services.

3. Subject Matter
3.1. This agreement sets out the terms of use of the Website, which contains information on products and services.
3.2. This agreement grants the User a Nonexclusive License to use the Website on a PC or a mobile device on the terms of this agreement. The User shall not sublicense or assign the Nonexclusive License to any person or entity.

4. Acceptance
4.1. By visiting the Website, the User fully accepts this agreement.
4.2. By accepting this agreement, the User confirms that the User has read and under-stood, and agrees to be bound by, this agreement.
4.3. The User acknowledges that Acceptance has the same effect as if the User had signed this agreement.
4.4. Any new version of this agreement will supersede the preceding version when the Rights Holder makes that new version available online at the URL stated in sec-tion 1.3, and the agreement so amended will continue in effect until withdrawn.
4.5. The User shall not accept this agreement otherwise than in its entirety.

5. Signing Up; Placing an Order; Subscribing to Advertising Material
5.1. Signing Up
5.1.1. The User may register by entering the User’s name, phone number, and email address into the sign-up form on the Website and then clicking Submit.
5.2. Subscribing to Advertising Material
5.2.1. The User may subscribe by entering the User’s email address into the subscription form on the Website and then clicking Subscribe.
5.3. Before signing up or subscribing to advertising material, the User shall read the Pri-vacy Policy of the Rights Holder. By clicking Submit or Subscribe, the User confirms that the User has fully read and accepted the Privacy Policy.

6. Terms of Use
6.1. This agreement grants the User the right to use the Website by:
6.1.1. Accessing the Website to browse and read Content, sign up, subscribe to ad-vertising material, place an order, request a bill, and make a payment, as well as by using the Website’s other features
6.2. The User shall not:
6.2.1. Copy, distribute, reproduce, publish, or process any part of Content without the Rights Holder’s prior consent in writing.
6.2.2. Modify or otherwise change the Website, including by translating Content into other languages.
6.2.3. Interfere with the integrity of the protection system or bypass, remove, or de-activate technical protection means; use any software codes designed to cor-rupt, delete, damage, simulate, or tamper with the integrity of the Website, transmitted information, or protocols.
6.2.4. Interfere with the normal operation of the Website.
6.2.5. Track or attempt to track any information about other Users.
6.2.6. Use the Website or Content for purposes not permitted by United States of America law or en-courage any person to commit an illicit or any other act that violates the rights of the Rights Holder or any nonparty.
6.3. The Rights Holder will continue to hold any rights that are not granted to the User under this agreement.
6.4. Except as provided otherwise in section 7.1.1, the Rights Holder provides the Website for use “as is,” without assuming the obligations of correcting any errors, providing support, or improving the Website.
6.5. The Rights Holder will not be liable for any consequences of the User’s visiting or using any third-party website through any links posted on the Website.
6.6. The User acknowledges that the Rights Holder will not be liable for, and will not as-sume any obligations in respect of, any ads served on the Website.
6.7. The User shall not commit any acts or leave on the Website any comments or state-ments that violate United States of America or international law, including intellectual property rights, authors’ or neighboring rights, moral or ethical standards, or any acts affecting the normal operation of the Website.

7. Rights and Obligations
7.1. The Rights Holder shall:
7.1.1. If the User finds any of the following deficiencies on the Website, rectify those deficiencies without cost to the User no later than 30 calendar days from the date the Rights Holder receives the written notification to that effect from the User:
• Content noncompliant with section 3.1
• Any illicit content on the Website
7.1.2. Refrain from any actions that may hinder the exercise by the User of the right to use the Website under this agreement.
7.2. The User shall:
7.2.1. Use the Website as set out by this agreement.
7.2.2. Provide real information when filling out a Website form. (If the Rights Hold-er determines or believes that the information the User has provided is inaccu-rate including when the contact details turn out to be fictitious, the Rights Holder may unilaterally terminate its relationship with the User.)
7.2.3. Comply with this agreement.
7.2.4. Not copy, change, add to, distribute, or create any derivatives of any part of Content without the Right Holder’s consent in writing.
7.2.5. Not use any software or hardware to interfere with the normal operation of the Website.
7.2.6. Promptly notify the Rights Holder of any unlawful use of the Website that be-comes known to the User.
7.2.7. Refrain from infringing upon any property or personal intangible rights of the Rights Holder or a nonparty or violate any prohibition or restriction under ap-plicable law, including the following rights under United States of America law: firm-name and commercial-designation rights, authors’ and neighboring rights, trademark and service mark rights, rights to the name of place of origin of goods, design rights, and the right to use images of a person.
7.2.8. Not permit publication or transfer of any illicit, immoral, libeling, discrediting, threatening, pornographic, or hostile materials, any materials containing harassment or signs of racial or ethnic discrimination or instigating any acts that may be considered a crime or a violation of any law or be unacceptable for any other reason, or materials encouraging violence or cruelty or containing obscene language.
7.3. The Rights Holder may:
7.3.1. Suspend or terminate the User’s access to the Website if the Rights Holder reasonably believes that the User engages in illicit activity.
7.3.2. Collect nonpersonal data on Users’ preferences and on how Users use the Website (most-used functions, settings, when and how long they visit the Website, etc.), to improve or diagnose Website operation or prevent outages.
7.3.3. Block the User if the User breaches this agreement.
7.3.4. Amend this agreement unilaterally.
7.3.5. Suspend the Website’s operation or restrict or terminate access to the Website for maintenance and upgrades. The User shall not claim damages for any such suspension or restriction.
7.4. The User may:
7.4.1. Use the Website on the terms of this agreement.
7.4.2. Use the Website if the law of the country in which the User resides or stays does not prohibit acceptance of this agreement and if the User is old enough to legally enter into this agreement.

8. Personal Data
8.1. The Rights Holder may process the User’s personal data as set out by, and for purpos-es of, this agreement. For purposes of the immediately preceding provision, the term “personal data” means data on the User provided by the User to accept this agree-ment.
8.2. In processing Users’ personal data, the Rights Holder shall comply with the Law on Personal Data and the Privacy Policy available at http://bestseller.promo/policy-personal-data

9. Liability
9.1. If a party does not comply with its obligations or complies with those obligations im-properly, that party will incur liability under this agreement and United States of America law.
9.2. The Rights Holder does not warrant the Website as suitable for any purpose particular to the User.
9.3. The Rights Holder is not assuming liability for any disruption in the Website’s opera-tion. The Rights Holder shall use all reasonable efforts to prevent any such disruption.
9.4. The Rights Holder is not assuming liability for any acts by the User relating to the exercise of the right to use the Website or for any damage sustained by the User as a result of loss or disclosure of the User’s data or as a result of using the Website.
9.5. If the User breaches this agreement or violates law (including the Rights Holder’s in-tellectual property rights), the User will be liable to the Rights Holder as provided by law.

10. Disputes
10.1. If a dispute or disagreement arises out of this agreement, the aggrieved party shall send the other party a complaint (an offer in writing to settle the dispute without re-course to law). Any such complaint by the User must contain the following: the full name of the User; information confirming the relationship or interaction between the parties; and the signature of the User or of the User’s legal representative.
10.2. The Rights Holder shall review any such complaint no later than 15 business days from the date of receipt.
10.3. If the parties cannot reach an agreement without recourse to law, a party may refer the dispute to a court for consideration under United States of America law.

11. Final Provisions
11.1. Any amendment to this agreement will come into effect when made available on the Website.
11.2. If the User does not agree to this agreement, the User shall not use the Website.

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